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Scotty Comics

My name's Crystal Jayme (Scotty) and I'm the creator of:
Hazy London, Freakshow, and Nigh Heaven and Hell
I'm a Hispanic comic artist from Texas and I've worked on projects for Slipshine, Filthy Figments, Oh Joy Sex Toy, Dirty Diamonds Anthology and currently have three ongoing webcomics with Hiveworks.I LOVE creating stories with elements of horror and drama. But I’m also a sucker for action and comedy. So I enjoy attempting to meld all of these things into my works. I also own four very needy cats...Contact Email-
[email protected]
[email protected]

Published Comics

I’m currently doing the art for 2 graphic novels for a publisher. They'll be out for publication in 2025!
More information will be announced at a later date.

Ongoing Webcomics

Hazy London
"Toby Landon's love life is a bloody mess. His on and off girlfriend has once again tossed him aside. His mate Mark gives him some advice: Try something different. With a kiss, the lives of these two friends go from being black & white to being full of vivid color. But, all colors can get a little hazy..."
Updates Wed/Fri
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Nigh Heaven & Hell
"A grudge as old as mankind. Three travelers entwined by fate.
This road, once traveled, can never be undone. Between damnation and salvation, you find the truth hidden by god, Nigh Heaven & Hell."
Updates Tue/Thur
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"The curtain pulls back, standing in center ring is a man. Brewing inside this man is a darkness we all hold. In the center ring, stands this man.
The tent becomes silent, his act has begun."
Updates Tue/Thur
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Nsfw Comics

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Old Comics

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Available for Anthologies and Short Stories
For Commercial work, Please email me directly for a quote.
I require Full Payment before starting the work
You'll have to approve each step before completion (Ex. Storyboards, Pencils, etc)
Send an email titled "Comic Commission" to [email protected]

For personal use only. For commercial work, email me directly for a quote.
Will not draw: Mecha/ IRL People, Furry, Excessive Gore
Depending on the complexity, the Price may go up (Ex. More than 1 Character, Complicated Background, Dynamic posing, etc)
All Illustrations come with a Simple BG and Transparent BG version
For additional characters, please add $10 for each one (For Nsfw, it'll be $20)
You're allowed One edit during the sketching phase
I'll only refund if I haven't started the work yet
Standard Commissions will take a week or less to complete
Send an email titled "Illustration Commission" to [email protected]
Use Ko-fi or StorEnvy to order an Illustration Commission